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Sheffield - 27th Feb




Registration and networking


Chair's introduction

Chair: Justin Clark, Founder & MD, JustSocial Ltd (Confirmed)


Successfully delivering change through social media 

  • How can social media be used to drive long-term change?

Speaker: Matt Jackson, Socially-M (Confirmed)


New and innovative ways to boost in-depth engagement

  • Being human: Advice on keeping your social media voice genuine and unscripted
  • Rebuilding trust on social media: Being a credible and trustworthy source
  • Tools and techniques to develop intimate and meaningful dialogue
  • Successfully targeting a hard to reach audience

Speaker: Amy Rushforth, Digital Marketing Officer, West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Confimed)


Refreshments and networking


Employees as Advocates: The micro influencers you can trust

  • Why you need an employee advocacy strategy in 2020
  • Harnessing the rise of the micro-influencer
  • Leveraging personal branding for your organisation
  • Involving your organisation’s employees in campaigns

Speaker: Ian Ferguson, Social Media Manager, Co-op (Confirmed)


An honest look at how video content actually performs on social

Speaker: Andrew Twist, Digital Content Producer, The University of Sheffield (Confiirmed)


Lunch and networking


How communicating diversity and inclusion authentically makes a difference 

Speaker: Alexander Mills, Corporate Communication Manager, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (Confirmed)


Delivering a world class customer experience on social

  • Tools and techniques to balance one-to-one conversations with the demand of scale
  • Successfully delivering customer services on messaging apps
  • Developing high-value conversations

Speaker: Justin Clark, Founder & MD, JustSocial Ltd (Confirmed)


The future of social media: What trends and channels should you be ready for?

  • AR and social media: How can we embrace new ways to engage?
  • AI messenger bots: The start of customer engagement not the end

Speaker: Camilla Mankabady, Director of Communications, Liverpool City Council (Confirmed)


Chair's closing remarks

Chair: Justin Clark, Founder & MD, JustSocial Ltd (Confirmed)


Close of conference

Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice

London - 18 June


Registration, & networking


Chair's morning introduction


Transforming your voice with your social channels


Making your voice trusted and heard

  • Engagement goes both ways: being empowered to do more than post content
  • Making authenticity and a human voice part of your brand
  • Proactively tackling disinformation


Refresments & networking


All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us

  • Making connections on a crowded platform

Who cares?

  • Using your understanding of your audience’s behaviours and drivers to create content


Creating content that connects

  • Evaluating and measuring the emotional impact of your content
  • Adapting how you tell your story for the platform 

Why you need an employee engagement strategy in 2020

  • Tools to engage your employee network in your strategy
  • Empowering staff to be advocates for your organisation
  • Harnessing the raise of the micro-influencer


Lunch & networking


Metrics that matter

  • Defining what digital success means for you

Cutting through on a budget

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Making the most of the content you have


Harnessing the full potential of social listening

  • Give them what they want: Using your social media insights to create your content
  • Enhance the customer experience and get ahead of negative feedback
  • To post or not to post: navigating the perils of joining the conversation

Maximising the value of social

  • Successfully incorporating audience generated content
  • Making your budget last beyond the launch
  • Separating the campaign from the wish list


Refreshments & networking


Telling a story in 60 seconds or less

  • Changing the narrative one vertical video at a time
  • Producing engaging video content on a shoestring


Chair's closing remarks


Close of Conference

Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice